Let your creativity run wild

We support innovative start-ups, which have a close relationship to the MAHLE core business segments. Therefore, we provide growth capital and support the young companies with our expertise and our international contacts at the same time.

Both parties benefit from this commitment. On the one hand, the young companies benefit from the operational and strategic knowledge of experts from our four divisions as well as from the advantages of a worldwide network in terms of research & development, production and sales. On the other hand, emerging companies can help MAHLE maintain and strengthen its competitive position.

The success of this approach is demonstrated in the examples of Amovis, a manufacturer of intelligent ORC heat recovery systems (Organic Rankine Cycle) or O-Flexx, a start-up that redefines thermal management using innovative semiconductor technologies. Thus, batteries in electric vehicles can be cooled or the vehicle interior heated more efficiently. Both companies are now part of the MAHLE Group.

In addition to this commitment, MAHLE is partner of the successful Start-Up program ACTIVATRand with the Incubator, we create an opportunity for MAHLE employees to let their creativity run free. Thus, new business ideas and markets for MAHLE can be explored and developed.

Moreover, MAHLE participates in the Emerald Cleantech Funds III, which has already invested in more than 50 companies and represents other major corporations as an expert for venture capital. Furthermore, MAHLE is moving closer to the heart of the start-up movement with a stake in AutoTech Ventures, an investment fund in the famous Silicon Valley.


After intense consideration, we make available growth capital of up to several million euros - this capital can also be used for follow-on investments. In general, we aim for a minority holding or company acquisition. We focus on innovative technologies in the automotive industry, especially regarding to our core businesses as well as on future mobility trends.


Investment prerequisites:

  • An ambitious and entrepreneurially spirited team, as well as readiness to collaborate with MAHLE
  • A proven product or concept that stands out from the competition and is on the verge of being launched or has already been successfully positioned in the market
  • A strong business model that is strategically relevant to MAHLE and promises attractive returns

More information
Venture Capital


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